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Online Pillow Review from Girl to Girl

By April 21, 2018Reviews

This past week From Girl to Girl did a honest and thorough pillow review of Everpillow by InfiniteMoon.  A few things stuck out to us here at InfiniteMoon sleep HQ.

Her online pillow review:   About the benefits of the EverPillow:

  • Chemical Free
  • Super clean pillow – it’s an antimicrobial pillow with a washable option.
  • Naturally cool and breathable … makes it easier to sleep
  • Fully customizable loft and shape.

She echos what people who have ever tested, slept, touched and experienced the Everpillow.  It is the best pillow ever.

We had a few things that were must haves when we created, tested and designed the best pillow ever for every sleep style and ever body type.

Everpillow had to be:

  • All Natural.  We didn’t want to put polyurethane and petroleum foams or memory foams in our pillow.  You spend 6-8 hours a night with your head on a pillow.  We believe you deserve a clean sleep.
  • Infinitely Customizable.  Everpillow had to give the sleeper the power to customize and adjust the loft, feel, and support of each and every pillow.  You are not like everyone else on this planet.  We made it, you perfect to your style of sleep and body type.
  • Ridiculously Comfortable.  The organic cotton had to feel good on your face and the mixture of Kapok and Natural Latex had to be soft yet supportive.
  • Helping those in need.  Many have challenged us to make these overseas and have a greater profit margin.  We were not willing to sacrifice our partnership with organizations like Mile High Workshop where people are giving a chance to get ahead.  Each product made by Infinitemoon helps employ someone who couldn’t have a job before.

Do you agree with From Girl to Girl?  Are you experiencing an infinitely better sleep experience?  What is your pillow review?  Let us know your thoughts and experiences with the most comfortable pillow ever.

We are the pillow of your dreams.  If you don’t have an infinitely better sleep experience, get your Everpillow HERE.

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  • Doug Adams says:

    We started with one pillow in our house to test it out. It wasn’t long before all 5 of us were fighting over who gets “the pillow” every night. We decided it was time to get one for everyone in the house. Fully customizable to each of our heads and sleeping habits. Hands down the best pillows on the market!

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