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Best Pillows – Thoughts on Buying Guide and Information – Size Matters

By May 3, 2018April 14th, 2021Best Pillows

How do you find the best pillows for your specific and unique needs?  There are hundreds if not thousands of pillows that have flooded the retail space and online marketplace.  There are polyurethane, memory foam, shredded memory foam, gel memory foam, down, fake down, music playing pillows, your pillow, my pillow, buckwheat, maybe even wheat pillows, latex pillows, dough pillows with lavender or with lemon scent, purple pillow, maybe a haunted ghost or casper pillow, organic and not even close to being safe pillows and a ton of shapes and sizes.  It’s almost like Dr. Seuss wrote a book on this pillow or that pillow, 2 pillow or 3 pillow or green eggs and ham pillow.

How do you decide?  What is best for you?  Your health? Your comfort and rest?  We want to summarize, comment and help you be educated in your search for the perfect night sleep… infinitely better sleep experience.

We came across the Buying Guide and Information post at Tuck: Advancing Better Sleep

We agree with Tuck Sleep when they say:

Like mattresses, pillows play a pivotal role in overall sleep quality. The ‘right’ pillow can help ensure a comfortable night’s rest, while the ‘wrong’ pillow can lead to added strain and pressure in the neck and shoulders.

Your neck contains 21% of your spine’s vertebrae.  We think finding the perfect pillow that supports your 5 lb head is one of the most important things you could do for your health and rest.1 . The sleep industry is making your journey to find the best pillows harder and harder.  They are claiming they are the best pillow for you, one size fits all. But you are unique 1 of 7 billion people on this planet.

We don’t believe it has to be that tricky to find the best pillows for your unique body, aches and pains and sleep style.  As long as you have the power to customize exactly what you want and feel.  We made the Everpillow, you perfected it.

In this first blog post we’ll address: Size of the Best Pillows.

First, let’s discuss common pillow sizes. Most pillows sold today come in one or more of the following six sizes: Standard, Super Standard, Queen, King, Euro, or Body Pillow.

Here at Infinitemoon we believe the size of your mattress doesn’t determine the size of your pillow.  Yes, a king set of pillows looks good on a Cal King or King mattress but does it perform best for your sleep style and comfort.  We all know looks aren’t everything, it really comes down to the personality of your pillow.

The Everpillow is a fully adjustable and natural filled pillow (we’ll talk about the unique fills of best pillows in a future blog post).  Unlike the dough, memory foam, latex block pillows Everpillow has natural fill (or stuffing as some call it) that flows with you.  You make it exactly how you want it. We found that the smaller size of a standard didn’t have enough pillow area for the natural fill to flow, support and move with you.  We also found the king size pillow with all that size created too much space.  The natural fill would find its way to the edges of the pillow leaving your head flat on the mattress.  We found between 28-29″ long is the best length to provide the natural fill enough room to flow but at the same time stay in place and support your neck and head.  This is why the Everpillow comes in one size, Queen or as we call it the Original.

We did find that many in our testing loved the unique cut of the Curve Everpillow.  It provided a wonderful cuddling effect for side and back sleepers.  We can’t explain it all together, it just provides an amazing night of sleep. Even some guys, not embarrassed to share will say the Curve is their favorite.

In both cases the Original and the Curve fit best in Queen or King pillowcases that allow the organic cotton and natural latex and kapok to flow freely and support your neck and head.   We recommend not having too tight of a pillowcase that makes your Everpillow feel restricted.

Give Everpillow a try and take one step closer to an infinitely better sleep experience.

Next week we’ll talk Pillow Loft

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