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Best Pillows – Thoughts on buying guide and information – Pillow Loft

By May 10, 2018April 14th, 2021Best Pillows

In our second post on how do you find the best pillows in the world, we want to address pillow loft.  We are trying to find the best pillow that meets all your requirements, not just what marketers and packaging is telling you what is the best pillow for your needs.

Last post in helping you find the best pillow for your specific sleep style and body type we addressed pillow size. Check out Best Pillows – Size Matters

Tuck: Advancing better sleep defines Pillow Loft in their Buying Guide and Information: 

Loft refers to the height, or thickness, of a pillow, and is linked to how supportive and comfortable the pillow will feel for different sleepers.

We, here at InfiniteMoon, fully agree that the loft is directly linked to how supportive and comfortable your will be for you.  Unfortunately the majority of pillows that brick and mortar and online retailers provide make you decide between Low loft, Medium Loft and High Loft.  So you pick up a pillow at your favorite store or click on line and guess to what loft you want.  Unless you have that pillow at home and you’re laying on your mattress it will be a hit and miss experiment of buying, trying, shipping back and returning.  Why is that?  Your mattress firmness, plushness will affect how much you sink in and will change the amount gap between your neck, head and the mattress.  So if in a store, the pillow you tried when you laid down on the sample mattress feels great, you can’t guarantee that will feel the same when you get home to your own mattress.  What does that cost you?  Another night lost of good sleep, time and effort and in some cases lots of money.

What other factors determine in your comfort and rest need to be considered while choosing the proper loft pillow?

  • How tall are you?
  • How broad are your shoulders?
  • What is your body shape?
  • What is your personal sleep style?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • Do you have any injuries or aches and pains.

The pillow industry response is to provide you with a chart to try and have you guess what pillow loft is best for you.  If you are this or that and you sleep like this or that then choose a pillow that is 3-5″ high.  Those charts are basic and at best are just a guess to help you sleep well.

How can Everpillow address your specific pillow loft and unique sleep needs in ways that no one else can?

Everpillow with 100% Fill

Everpillow with 70% fill

We made the Everpillow and you perfect it.  We allow you to make and adjust the pillow in the private of your own home to the exact loft you need and desire.  No guessing, trying, returning and shopping again.  Everpillow by InfiniteMoon gives you the power to adjust your pillow loft by removing and adding the natural fill.  No charts, no measuring, no gambling.  You buy one Everpillow and you make it yours.

We know you are not like everyone else on the this planet.  We know your time and money is valuable.  We know you don’t want 25 pillows in your house.  Therefore, we give you the pillow of your dreams.

Infinitely Customizable

Ridiculously Comfortable

One pillow that can and will respond to all the sleep criteria one needs for a healthy night of sleep.  Say goodbye to aches and pains and stiff necks.  Say hello to an infinitely better sleep experience.

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