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Everpillow – The Best Pillow is Their Peaceful Place

By September 18, 2018Community

Here at InfiniteMoon we are about people.  That may seem like that should be true for every company and start up but the reality it doesn’t always end up that way.  We knew from the very beginning in order to create the best pillow ever it had to change lives.  It couldn’t just offer a great night sleep that helped you the consumer, it had to have an impact on our community and beyond.  It is why we partnered with Mile High Workshop.  They were a perfect fit for Infinitemoon.

Sarah is a life changed by the best pillow.

“This place has given me so much more than any other job has given me. They afford people the opportunity that nobody else can get from anywhere else.”  Sarah – sew shop

Formerly Incarcerated:

“In The New Scarlet Letter? Negotiating the U.S. Labor Market with a Criminal Record, Steven Raphael argues that stable employment is paramount to successful reentry and, consequently, policies are needed to address the barriers to employment facing this population.”1


“Meaningful and sustainable employment is the key to creating and maintaining housing stability. Unemployment, underemployment, and low wages relative to rent are frequent causes of homelessness and burden millions of families with the risk of becoming homeless. At the same time, individuals experiencing homelessness face obstacles to finding and maintaining employment.”2


“Those who have struggled with substance abuse or addiction face barriers to employment that extend beyond the state of the job market, which level of education they’ve achieved, or how qualified they are relative to the rest of the applicants.”3

It is why we exist.  To give you rest, comfort and healing each night.  We also want to help give rest to so many more.  We want to create a place where people struggling to get a foot forward can find their peaceful place at work, at home and in their community.  A job and a the best pillow can do just that!
Thanks for making us, Everpillow the best pillow ever in your home as well in the homes of so many more.

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