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Bedroom Sleep Tips

By November 20, 2018August 21st, 2019Health

We know you’ve been there.  Laying still, staring at the ceiling, wide awake, mind racing, counting sheep & frustrated you can fall asleep.  We care about you and believe that not having healthy and productive sleep affects so much of our life, productivity, weight loss, health and relationships. Who wants a bad life?  Not us!   We have some simple bedroom sleep tips to get you dozing off right away.  Get ready to wake up rested and ready to take on your day.

bedroom sleep tips

Wake up rested and ready from a great night of sleep

5 Bedroom Sleep Tips

Dimming the Lights and Technology

about an before bed will help regulate your body tell your brain, mind, heart and soul it’s time to start falling asleep.  If you’re at home consider buying black out blinds or shutters.  This includes turning off your phone, iPad, computer and TV.  Fight the urge to look at your cell phone.  Put your phone in Night Mode so you don’t hear every sports, news and text dinging you awake.

Your Room Should Make You Relaxed and Peaceful.

There is a lot to be said to get good interior design and decoration insights.  Choose colors that don’t excite your brain and heart but those that help create a calm, restful, sleepy environment.  If there is lots of clutter, mess, piles of clothes work on a plan to tidy up your bedroom as well.

Choose the Right Mattress, Pillows and Sheets.

You may need to consider replacing one or all of these.  The most economical start would be to replace your pillow first.  Many times getting an adjustable pillow that allows you to customize the loft so you head, neck and spine all align.  Hint: We think Everpillow is best.  We also suggest replacing your sheets with breathable and as natural fibers as you can find.  If all else fails, consider replacing your mattress that will support your sleep style, body type and desired comfort. Make sure you take along your new pillow as this will affect the testing.

Reduce Noises

in your house and outside of it.  If you have a neighbors dog or the clunky chairs above you in your apartment do all you can to communicate, negotiate a quieter environment. You might consider a noise cancelling radio or fan.  If you’re blessed with a partner who snores work on getting a customizable pillow to help adjust their breathing or buy an adjustable split bed so they can sleep elevated.

Surround Yourself With Scents You Like.

It has been known that lavender may decrease your heart rate and blood pressure.  Soothing scents can like this can help improve your mood and help you relax.  If you sleep with a partner who is smelly, encourage a shower before bedtime. He he.

These simple Bedroom Sleep Tips could radically change how you fall asleep and stay asleep.  Fore more information on sleep visit the National Sleep Foundation.

What is your best tip?

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