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How to Shop for a Mattress – 4 Tips

By December 11, 2018October 31st, 2019How to

You drag your significant other down on a Saturday to the local mattress store.  You spend the afternoon reading 1,000 reviews (fake or real) and then you do it.  You make the decision to buy a mattress.  Then the panic attack starts.  Argh!  Before your padded rectangle shows up you lay around on the current old mattress you hate thinking, “what did I just do?” Did I get hoodwinked?  Did we make the right purchase?  You swear you heard the mattress salesman laugh as you walked out the door.   How do we know if we made the right purchase on our mattress?  You tell yourself, “I wish we would have been trained on how to shop for a mattress.”

We, at Everpillow by Infinitemoon, specialize in all natural,  customizable pillows but we are also passionate about sleep in general and helping you find the best night of sleep ever.  We understand there is more than just a pillow for sleep and the best pillow in the world (Everpillow) could be ruined by the buying the wrong mattress.  So we present to you:

4 Tips on How to Shop for a Mattress

We will follow the Four F’s on how to shop for a mattress.

From Whom?

First you need to ask the question, “Who are you buying from?”  Do you trust the local store, national chain or online mattress company?  Do you feel comfortable buying online?  Do you need to test out the mattress before hand to get a good idea what fits your body type and sleep style?  Do you trust the salesman that is presenting you the mattress?  What do reviews say about the store or company?  Can you trust the reviews?  Have you talked to anyone who has bought from this person or that company?


Yes, we are fully aware philosophy doesn’t start with an F. But it sure sounds like it does and it works for our 4 Tips on how to shop for a mattress.  When you go shopping for a new mattress ask yourself, “What type of philosophy of mattress do I desire?”  First follow up is, what type of materials do I want or not want?  Memory foam, all natural, hybrid or basic foam?  Do I care if it has chemicals or off gassing?  What do I know about each type of material in my mattress?  Does the spec sheet on this or that mattress use generic trademark terms trying to hide what is really in the bed?  Dig deep and find out about the density, inches and ILD…the physics of your mattress.  Do I struggle with heat or sweating? This will inform what type of materials you will choose.  Do I want an air mattress, water bed or coils?  Each material has its pro’s and con’s.  It is our opinion that the more natural materials will sleep cooler and last longer.


In order to determine the best feeling mattress for you, you must ask some follow up questions.Spinal Alignment Mattress

a. What sleep style do you have? Back, Side, Stomach or All-over?

b. Do you have a partner in bed that may or may not wake you when they move?

c. Do you have any health issues or current injuries?

d. What mattress feel do you currently have that isn’t working for you?

e. What mattress feel do you have or have experienced that you love?

f. Does the feel you like support perfect spinal alignment for your sleep style and body type.


You must ask yourself what your budget is.  How much are you willing to spend or not spend?  The type of materials, length of warranty and reputation of the product quality will all have an affect on how much you are willing to spend.

A wise mattress shopping experience must balance the Four F’s.  Only you can determine which value is more important than the others and to what degree. Many a mattress shoppers have got into trouble when they only shop Feel and Finances with out asking the deeper questions of From Whom am I buying a mattress from and what type of Philosophy do I desire.

When you do shop, make sure you take your own customizable Everpillow along.  A sneaky trick in the mattress industry is to put bad pillows on mattresses the store doesn’t want to sell and put the best feeling and fitting pillows on the beds they want to sell.  So you take away their influence. Bring your own Everpillow along with you.

Take back the experience of getting the best night sleep ever.  Feel educated and ready to shop for a mattress.  No more nightmares!  Sleep well and Sweet Dreams.

We recommend also visiting sites like the National Sleep Foundation and Mattress Battle to get other sleeping and shopping tips.

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