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Pillows Changing Lives

By February 7, 2019Community
Aurora Now TV

When you go to bed at night and grab your pillow you you probably don’t think about how you helped give someone a second chance. But that is exactly what happens when you buy an Everpillow by Infinitemoon. Aurora Now TV covers the stories of Rudi and Lindsey, pillows changing lives.

Thanks for trusting us with your sleep and give so many of those who are struggling to get ahead a second chance. We are so grateful to partner with Mile High Workshop. It is a joy for us to come into our facility and be greeted with a morning huddle. “How is everyone doing?” “Any cool stories going on in your life?” “Is there anything you need today to make your day productive and great?” Then they share their daily value and how that can be applied. It is truly an inspiring place that produces some of the best pillows in the world with the up and coming best people in the world. They allow Everpillow by Infinitemoon to have the impact we desire on your sleep as well as those who need help.

So the next time you toss around in your sleep and adjust your pillow say a small prayer for the one who made your Everpillow.

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