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Washington Post Chose Everpillow #1 Pillow 2018

By February 11, 2019Reviews, Best Pillows
We beyond honored to have the Washington Post choose Everpillow as their #1 Top Pillow in their recent article The 13 best household products we saw in 2018. We are in the company of some great household products.
Best Pillow Ever
#1 Pillow
By Lindsey M. RobertsDecember 26, 2018

All year, we have polled experts on their favorite household goods. We wondered: What flatware would an interior designer put on his dining table? Which umbrella would the proprietor of an umbrella shop own for herself? What sunscreen would a dermatologist wear? Each column turned up a handful of tried-and-true winning picks. Now that the year is over, we have gone through and chosen our favorite from each topic — what you might call the best of the best.

Michael J. Breus, a California clinical psychologist who specializes in sleep disorders, also known as the Sleep Doctor, believes sleep is a performance activity. So just as a runner invests in shoes for his or her sport, you will probably want to choose the best pillow for your sleep. His favorite, and the one he sleeps on, is V & R Naturals’ Latex Kapok Blend, which has been rebranded online as Infinite Moon’s EverPillow. The stuffing can be removed as needed for sleep preference

Thank you Washington Post for choosing us as one of your best household products of 2018!

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