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How to Become A Success?

You may be wondering right away….how does a relatively young company with a new product get on the Today Show on NBC? Yea, that’s right, Everpillow made a cameo in March and now can say “As Seen on The Today Show.” If you were to ask us in February on how to strategize an appearance on the Today Show we wouldn’t have a clue.

Hoda Experience Everpillow for the First Time

Does this make us a success? Have we arrived? Are we settling? As a startup and entrepreneurs we love thinking about what will it take to be a success. How can we grow and leave a lasting impact? First we must understand what it means to be a success?

We love the famous basketball coach John Wooden’s definition of success:

Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

Many in our culture define it as more money, more power, more things, more recognition. We don’t agree with our culture. We define it as making a difference in those around you. Leaving a positive legacy in your community and relationships. Success is setting your goals and achieving them, as long as you don’t hurt your community and harm others. It isn’t selfish gain. One who is a success is one who achieves greatness in achieving their dreams and helping others at the same time.

If this is the best definition of success, then how do you get there? How do we fight against the cultural norm of success?

Tips to Growing Success

1. Offer the world something of value

Does your product help others? Does your business bring about positive change for your community? Are those you are in relationship with inspired and encouraged? Ask the hard question…”If I or my business went away, would my community miss me or it?” “Would they be less productive, less healthy or less cared for?”

One of the reasons we started Everpillow by Infinitemoon was to meet two real needs in our community. One, helping people get customized and healthy sleep that fits their unique needs. Second, we wanted to help those in our community that couldn’t get jobs because of their past. We desire to provide our world comfort in their sleep and knowing they have a second chance. Read about our Philosophy.

2. Relationships

Its all about people. You can’t become a success if you use people, harm them or step on them to get to your hopes and dreams. You may ask, “Wait, I read about this person in the news or I know this guy who is a success but they are a class action jerk.” They may think they are success because they have all the money and things and fame in the world but you and I know different.

We believe being a successful person or business is all about relationships. Do you value people over production? Do you care for them and their needs? Does your product really help them? Are your business relationships mutually beneficial.

Nine years ago Everpillow leadership met The Sleep Doctor, Michael J. Breus. At this point Everpillow wasn’t even a dream. We had nothing to offer and we needed nothing. We just liked him and his insights on sleep. Over the years we just built a relationship. We knew that if were ever going to be a success we would need great relationships and to learn from others. Flash nine years forward and The Sleep Doctor took Everpillow on the Today Show. You see, you don’t have to use people to gain success. Help others, learn to listen, and build good old fashioned relationships.

3. Integrity

Can you have success without integrity? Integrity is being true to yourself on the inside and out. What you tell your customers can’t be one thing and then your service or product communicates the opposite. You may fool some for a short time but your integrity or lack there of will be seen, your true colors will always shine through. The only way to gain success is being true to self and to others. There is no shortcut. Make Integrity a crucial aspect of your being.

It is true that integrity alone won’t make you a leader, but without integrity you will never be one.

Zig Ziglar

4. Perseverance

success business life

You have your business plan. You’ve thought of every problem that could arise. You’ve found “The One” that you’ll spend your life with. You’re gonna be a success! Then…….life happens. Reality hits and you realize that achieving your dreams, becoming a success is so much harder. Your supply chain has broken down. Your best leader in your company gets sick or even worse, moves to another city and leaves you. A blizzard hits 2 days after your Today Show appearance. Ouch, that did happen and we were shut down for two days of production and shipping.

How do you stay the course? How do you keep fighting after you take one in the gut? Becoming a success is all about perseverance. Never give up. See every failure, mistake, challenge as a learning lesson and keep going and keep improving. Remember those who are most successful in life, relationships and business didn’t get there without their wounds and scars.

Where to go from here?

How do you become a success? Ultimately its all about your what you’re aiming for. What kind of success are you really want to be. Do you just need to make a ton of money? Do you need to be famous? You can that what your vision and dream of success is will ultimately determine the steps you will take to get there. What is your big why? What do you want?

Our hope is that you want to leave lasting, positive impact on this world. The bigger the vision, the greater that cause will force you to be a leader, a business and have a product that offers something to the world, values relationships, lives with integrity and helps you persevere through every obstacle.

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