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We Hear Them Talking About Us

By March 3, 2020April 14th, 2021Reviews, Best Pillows, Community, sleep

Have you heard? They’re talking about us. Its never fun to have people talking about you behind your back. But in this case we love it. There is a buzz going around on who makes the best pillow ever. EverPillow is in the news.


You may have seen the article in the past from the Washington Post who picked us as one of the best 13 household products of 2018.


A good friend of Infinitemoon over the past few years is Michael J. Breus, The Sleep Doctor, brought the Curve pillow filled with natural latex and kapok on the Today Show and gave it as a gift to Hoda. You can see a small clip of that here below:


The Sleep Doctor also writes an excellent post on how to pick the perfect pillow.

EverPillow is in the news again when Talk about Sleep chose us as one of the 9 most comfiest latex pillows.  They discuss latex as being an alternative to memory foam and we couldn’t agree more.

Citrus Sleep writes an article (talking about us) about The Top Organic Kapok Pillows.  Yep, you guessed it, EverPillow made the list.

Sleep Sherpa has reviewed hundreds of sleep products and we are honored to be have chosen to be reviewed.  This Review does a good job of showing photos, what to expect and a longer video review.

We love how Good Night’s Rest summarizes their review of Everpillow.  The bottom line: Shell out that extra bit of dough for the Everpillow. Trust us, it’s absolutely worth it. 

Mattress Advisor has also done hundreds of reviews on which mattresses are the best as well as what pillows are the best.  Everpillow makes the top list of Mattress Advisors Best Organic Pillows

Just a few days ago Daily Sleep did an extensive summary of their favorites.  Best Latex Pillows. Yep! Everpillow again and we are very grateful.

Don’t forget a small little article that someone recently sent us at Pillow Click rating us as one of the Best Organic Cotton Pillows. 

We are very thankful for a wise friend of Infinitemoon who suggested we connect with Bionic Giant out of Denver.  Jay and his team put together some of the finest animated videos we could have ever dreamed of.  Here is our personal favorite:

You can view the whole collection of Animated EverPillow videos HERE.

Bionic Giant did such a great job The Denver Egotist wrote a quick article on these animations.

All these accolades are great and we love that people love sleeping with our all natural, fully customizable pillows but what makes us most proud is when people talk about our social impact.  We are products with a purpose.

CBS Denver News caught wind of the project we were doing to help employ those who have a hard time getting a job in Colorado and sent Jaime Leary to find out what was Everpillow all about.

Our facility is in Aurora and Aurora Now TV talks about the second chance that Everpillow and Mile High Workshop gives those who are struggling with their past.  It’s More Than a Job.

All of these lives changed could not have been done without the leadership of Mile High Workshop and their amazing heart, work ethic and vision for helping those who can’t get jobs get a second chance.

We are grateful for you too!  Thanks for talking about EverPillow and Infinitemoon and making sure EverPillow is in the News.


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