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Brain Surgery Healing

By May 5, 2020October 3rd, 2020Health, Reviews, Community

We want to share some great news from a life changing story we received from a recent customer. Our passion has always been seeing lives transformed and hearing a story of brain surgery healing is super exciting.

My husband recently had brain surgery and has been miserable since. We ordered your curved pillow and he LOVES it. I’d love to spread the word to all the people in our online support group who are facing or have had this surgery as they are always discussing what pillow will be best for after major brain surgery.

The past two months since he was diagnosed with a brain tumor on January 8 have been SO hard and SO beautiful at the same time. I cannot even describe to you the fear leading up to surgery and the pain and sleeplessness afterwards. At the same time we have felt absolutely carried in God’s tender care and have been wrapped up in so many blessings from friends and family. It has been a privilege to see the goodness in this world and the miracles of God.
Here are some pictures of Richard right after surgery and in the two weeks since. You can see swelling in his face, bulging in his eye, and a little facial paralysis, but overall he is doing so well!

Telling his story could be fun! And a blessing to others who are facing this surgery. His tumor is very rare, less than 3000 cases a year in the United States, and people with it often feel very alone. I’d love to help inspire others to move forward with courage and faith.
With much love, TW


Been thinking about you guys. Prayerfully Richard is staying safe and healing well.

EverPillow by InfiniteMoon 

Thank you! We are doing well. Richard is now six weeks out from surgery and is recovering well. The last six week have felt like a lifetime. At the same time, they are also a treasure. To be able to spend to much time together and have the privilege of helping him is a gift.


Isn’t that the best? Thanks TW for sharing Richard’s brain surgery healing and journey.

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