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ShoutOut Colorado: Founder’s Interview

By October 1, 2020March 25th, 2021Community, Entrenprenuer, Entrepreneurship

We’re grateful for the coverage and interview by ShoutOut Colorado this past week. They took time to interview our founder of EverPillow by Infinitemoon, Steve Van Diest

Here is a snippet of it:

Hi Steve & Christine, what do you attribute your success to?
Empowering People. Giving people the power of their own comfort. At Everpillow by Infinitemoon, we desire to put all the power of your comfort in your hands. Our success is built on your success. We haven’t done a great job unless you’re sleeping well, less pain, no more kinks. We were tired of the sleep industry promising the best night’s sleep for a population who doesn’t look, feel or sleep the same. We all have been created differently and are unique. Some of us are tall, some are short. Some have narrow shoulders and others broad. Some sleep on their side, others on their back and for the crazy ones….All over sleepers. We knew we had to empower the sleeper to customize and adjust their all natural pillow to meet their specific needs and wishes. No one-size-fits all approach, but a one-customize-for-you approach. We made it infinitely customizable and ridiculously comfortable and you perfect it in your home. Empower the unemployable. Yes, we manufacture amazing sleep products but what really makes us successful are the lives changed through our facility. So many feel the lack of power and opportunity because of their past; a felony, an addiction or homelessness has hindered their ability to get ahead. We have always been about helping those who have been marginalized. We are so grateful that Infinitemoon is partnered with Mile High Workshop, a job and life rehabilitation program for those who are unemployable. So we can say that every EverPillow, is cut, sewn, stuffed, packaged and shipped has been about helping someone get a second chance. You can say we are Pillows with a Purpose.

Read the full Interview……here

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