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Better Sleep: The Sleep Doctor Swears By These Products During Stressful Times

How does it feel to have Rachael Ray and Infinitemoon Eversheets in the same discussion for better sleep? Amazing! Thursday October 8, 2020 the Rachael Ray show featured the Sleep Doctor, Michael J. Breus talking about the best sleep products during stressful times. Here is a snippet from the discussion and you can view the full segment of The Sleep Doctor recommending our Everpillow and EverSheets below.

“Pandemic-related stress can have a negative impact on your sleep, whether or not you’re someone who had trouble sleeping before Covid-19 hit back in March. “There’s no question that the level of stress that everybody is feeling is not what we’re all used to,” says the “Sleep Doctor,” Dr. Michael Breus. “The thing that most people don’t realize is sleep is where we process emotions. So it makes a lot of sense to me that we’re going to have some crazy dreams going on — because a lot of people are reporting what we call quaran-dreaming.”

“We’ve definitely seen a change in overall sleep patterns. Prescription sleeping medication is up by 30% during Covid. Caffeine consumption is up. What’s happening is people are falling out of their schedules. People are sleeping later, staying up later — that’s throwing everything off,” the Sleep Doctor says.

His number one piece of advice for better sleep? “Wake up at the same time every single morning. It sets your circadian clock, it sets up your day, allows you to know what’s happening and then your body knows what to do.” And yes, he says this includes weekends. “Consistency helps lower stress, and lower stress leads to more productivity,” according to Dr. Breus.” Rachael Ray Show

9 Products For Better Sleep Full List

Full Rachael Ray Infinitemoon EverSheets & The Sleep Doctor Segment

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