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How to Get Better Sleep KTLA News

By December 17, 2020Health, Reviews, sleep

how to get better sleep

It’s so fun when you turn on the morning news and you see yourself on TV helping people get better sleep.  KTLA 5 News in Los Angeles interviewed The Sleep Doctor, Dr. Michael J. Breus, Wednesday morning and asked him what are the greatest products to give as gifts for better sleep. Yep!!! The EverPillow Curve pillow as featured.

We couldn’t agree more!  We think the best two fill options for most sleepers for your Curve or Original pillow are the Latex/Kapok fill and the Latex/Poly/Tencel fill.  The latter being slightly softer and recently became the #1 seller.

Click below for the 45 second feature on KTLA

If you would like to see the full feature on all the products recommended on how to get a better night’s sleep click KTLA


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