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Best Hypoallergenic Sleep Products

Sneezing and Allergies are important topics that come together this time of year.  Many in North America find they have problems sneezing, breathing , itchy eyes and just feeling down.  First we recommend visiting your doctor or homeopath and find a solution that might help you and your allergies.  You want to look around your bedroom where you spend 6-8 hours a day.  Are the products you are sleeping with and on aggravating your allergies even more?  We love it when America’s #1 Sleep Doctor, Michael J. Breus, addresses the top Hypoallergenic Sleep Products and we find two of our Infinitemoon products on his top list.

AllergiesAllergy season is almost here. And if you can feel a sneeze coming on just thinking about it, then you might be the perfect candidate for certain sleep products, like a hypoallergenic mattress. I define hypoallergenic mattresses as those that are either constructed with materials resistant to bacteria and other microbes, or made with all organic materials, meaning they’re free of harmful chemicals that can irritate your allergies.

Depending on what materials they’re made from, a lot of mattresses out there can be prone to collecting household allergens, which can have a pretty profound impact on your sleep. And while I’m going to focus on mattresses here, it should be noted that the same can be said about pillows.

Michael J. Breus

Hypoallergenic Sleep Products

Two items that made the Sleep Doctor’s list are:


hypoallergenic sleep products

I want to put mattresses on the back burner for a second to talk about another important hypoallergenic sleep product: sheets. Like pillows, they’re just as important as mattresses are in helping to minimize allergens. After all, what good is a hypoallergenic mattress if your pillow and sheets are collecting all the things that give you the sniffles? That’s where EverSheets comes into the picture. These are a recent find of mine, and I didn’t waste any time in recommending them to my patients upon learning about them. These sheets are available in all sizes and are made from 100% bamboo, meaning they’re hypoallergenic and antibacterial. They’re also OEKO-TEX® certified, which means that this organization tests fabrics to make sure you won’t be exposed or have any skin contact with harmful chemicals. And from what some patients have told me, they’re comfortable to boot.


Everpillow by infinitemoon

I think we often forget the importance of pillows, not just to keep your head and neck elevated, but making sure the air quality around your face stays clean. Since your pillow can absorb dead skin cells and germs around your face (consider this your reminder to wash your pillows) it’s key to find a hypoallergenic pillow to keep your air quality at its best. EverPillow is one of the most distinctive pillows you can find, allowing you to customize it just the way you like. First, choose your shape based on your sleep position before moving on to the hypoallergenic, customizable filling–you’ll have the option of latex, silk, plant-based fillings, or a combination of all of them. It’s one of my all time favorite sleep accessories!

Michael J. Breus for the full list of Products

We at Infinitemoon are always working to help you sleep and rest better.  We care deeply about you, your health and relationships and want to provide you the highest quality products that help you perform at your best.  We are doing all we can to help you have an allergy free spring.  Enjoy the flowers, sun and longer days!

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