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Tips to help your Calm your Dog during Fireworks

By July 2, 2021July 11th, 2021Health, How to

Its Fourth of July weekend and you may have friends and family over for hot dogs and burgers, relaxing by the pool and some good fun fireworks to celebrate our independence.  Sounds fun with lots of smiles.  But there are a few of our friends who are struggling inside with this time of year.  While the 4th of July might be great for you, your dog maybe feeling anxious, scared or even send them into a howling frenzy.  We collected a list of some tips to help you dog stay calm during the fireworks.  dog calm during fireworks

Tips to Help Your Dog Stay Calm During Fireworks

1. Keep them away from fireworks.

Might be the most simple of tips.  Just keep your dogs inside during the nights when the sounds and sights start exploding around your house. Don’t take them to the park or beach if there is gonna be a firework show.

2. Create a safe haven for them inside your home.  

If your dog has a safe crate, corner, closet space make sure it is ready, comfortable with his favorite blanket, toy and EverPet dog bed.  Close the blinds or curtains and turn down the lights.  If you have a firework show near your home consider taking your dog somewhere quiet.

3. Play some white noise.

White noise machines may work for you to keep out the sounds around the house. Consider a tv, fan or white noise machine.  “There’s some classical music called ‘Through A Dog’s Ear’ that has been shown to have calming effects for dogs,” says Jenn Stanley, certified behavior consultant and professional dog trainer, and co-owner of Awesome Pawsabilities Pet Training & Behavior Consultations based in North Carolina.

4. Exercise your dog beforehand.

A bit of running, walking and exercise isn’t bad for you either.  Take your dog on a hike, run or swim.  Wear them out so they will be extra tired and just might sleep through the noise.

5. Give your dog that post meal sleep feel.

Feed your dog a bigger meal before the firework start going.  They might, just like you, feel a bit of sleepy tummy and sleep right through the noise.

6. Take one for the team.

If your dog is feeling really anxious and scared you might just need to sacrifice your joy of fireworks and stay inside and cuddle and calm your furry best friend.  A bit of couch, hugging, petting just might be the calming trick that is best for her. Calm dog

Our hope these simple tips will help calm your dog during the firework shows and allow you to celebrate this 4th of July and know that your dog is happy too.

Visit AKC for more information in helping raise, train and enjoy your dog.

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