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The Sex and Sleep Connection

By July 11, 2021How to, sleep

The summer is heating up….. is your bedroom doing the same?  Have you heard or even said, “I’m too tired?”  The Sex and Sleep Connection is bigger than you think.  We’ve written so many articles on how sleep affects so much of our health, mindset, productivity and weight loss.  Did you know sleep has a large affect on our sex life as well? too tired for sex

How Does Sleep Affect Sex?

Sleep deprivation has been linked with women’s sexual desire and arousal.  Lack of healthy sleep rhythms has also been known to be linked to erectile dysfunction. On the basic level, many of us have experienced the pragmatic, non-medical researched reality that when we’re exhausted, our minds are tired, our bodies are cooked and our emotions aren’t firing at their finest hour.  So what happens is that we’re just not the best version of ourselves willing to give and receive in a the sack.

Sleep and Sex

How Does Sex Affect Sleep?

Sexual activity can often contribute to better sleep. After an orgasm, the body releases hormones, like oxytocin and prolactin, that can induce pleasant and relaxing feelings. Sex also reduces levels of the hormone cortisol, which is associated with stress. Sex with a partner may enhance this hormonal response and facilitate greater feelings of closeness and intimacy that are conducive to sleep. In heterosexual partners, research has found this effect to be greater in men than women, which aligns with a popular social conception of men quickly falling asleep after sex.

Tips for Better Sleep and Sex Connection

For a few years we have partnered with Michael J. Breus, the Sleep Doctor.  He writes a helpful article in January of 2020 How Sleep Can Jumpstart Your Sex Life.

Sleep and Sex episodeWe also have been a regular sponsor on Sex Chat for Christian Wives. They produced a recent episode #110 on the Sleep and Sex Connection that you might find helpful and entertaining.bamboo sheets

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So as the summer heats up, your sex life heats up, don’t let your bedroom sheets heat up.  Grab a set of 100% bamboo, cooling and luxurious EverSheets.



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