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Health Sleep Awards 2021

Health Sleep Awards 2021: 43 Products for the Best Sleep Ever

We’re excited to announce EverPillow has been chosen by Health Magazine as one of the top 43 products in their annual Health Sleep Awards.
We’ve never had more products and technology designed to help us sleep better. And it looks like we’ll be needing them, considering that more than half of Americans reported an increase in sleep problems since the start of the pandemic, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. But the isolation also served as a reminder to maintain our mental and physical health, which includes getting enough quality slumber. “Other than air and water, nothing is more important to immune function than sleep,” notes Michael J. Breus, PhD, a sleep specialist and clinical psychologist based in Manhattan Beach, California. During deep sleep is when our bodies boost our natural killer cells, which are crucial in fighting disease, he explains. Whether your bedroom could use a sleep-friendly update or your bedtime schedule needs a data-driven reboot, these are the innovative products experts swear by for better shut-eye.

By Petra Guglielmetti

Health Sleep Awards


The perfect pillow is shaped for your sleep position: Side sleepers need a high profile, back sleepers benefit from medium, and stomach sleepers should stick to something slimmer.

EverPillow Best PillowRead the full article on the Health Sleep Awards 2021


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