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Introducing the pillow of your dreams

The Everpillow was designed with one thing in mind: YOU.
It might sound simple, but we decided to rethink the one-size-fits-all approach to sleep and create something that fits your body type, your sleep style, and your budget. All without compromising the quality of the material and the integrity of how the pillow is made. The result: The Everpillow.

It’s Ever-Customizable, Ever-Comfortable, and Everything you could want in a pillow. We did our research and sourced the best natural material that is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and antimicrobial. Oh, and ridiculously comfortable. When your new Everpillow arrives, it will come with a drawstring bag to store your extra fill so you can customize the loft and shape to give you the perfect spinal alignment. Why not customize your pillow and say goodnight to kinked necks and morning aches & pains?

Everpillow. Made by us. Perfected by you.

“Everpillow. More like best PillowEver! I thought all pillows were the same till I got my new pillow. Thanks, InfiniteMoon!”

– Tim W

Infinitely Customizable
Ridiculously Comfortable
Organic Cotton Cover
Antimicrobial Material
Naturally Breathable
Naturally Cool
Soft & Supportive
Machine Washable
No-Hassle Returns
Free Shipping
Handmade in the USA
A Product With A Purpose